Amy M. Smith

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Algebra & Geometry


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Again, my name is Amy McCart Smith. I am originally from Andalusia, Alabama.  I am married to Terrell Smith, who is a farmer and Environmental Waste Water Manager. We have a 23 year old daughter, who is a RN at Dothan Pediatrics Specialty Clinic. Our daughter recently got married in March of this year. (Yes, at the start of the pandemic) We live on a farm in the middle of nowhere.  I enjoy working in my yard, riding horses (which I don’t get to do much), and various projects at my church.  When I’m off and my husband needs me, I climb aboard a tractor and help bale hay and work in chicken houses. I have taught Algebra II, 7th and 8th grade math, Algebra with Finance, and Algebraic Connections in the past. I have a master’s degree in math education from the University of West Alabama. 

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